A skewer or skewer is a stake small size in which different foods are skewered to cook and / or serve them. The term comes from brush, in turn derived from the French word brooch, and allows you to also name the food prepared or presented in this way.

It is common that, even in countries where Spanish is spoken, a term from the tongue gala to refer to the skewer: brochette. All these concepts (skewer, skewer Y brochette) refer to the same type of gastronomic preparation.

It should be noted that, on occasions, the idea of spike. The Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), however, it specifies in its dictionary that a skewer is a appetizer consisting of pieces of food pierced with a toothpick.


Skewers can combine multiple ingredients.

Advantages of skewers

The options for preparing kabobs are endless. In fact, any food that can be skewered on a rod is in a position to be offered as a skewer.

There are multiple reasons to opt for skewers. On the one hand, they can often be eaten without using cutlery or, at least, dispensing with the knives. On the other hand, they can be easily moved already prepared, making them ideal to take to another home.

The visual aspect cannot be omitted either. With a little creativity, it is possible to create skewers full of colors Y shapes that are very attractive.

Meat skewers

In several countries the meat skewers they are very popular. It can be beef, pork, chicken or lamb, to name a few possibilities.

A skewer can include pieces of beef tenderloin, bell pepper (pepper) and onion, for instance. In general, each ingredient is interspersed: loin, bell pepper, onion, loin, bell pepper, onion, etc.

There are those who choose to combine the chicken with some fruit. Thus we find the chicken and pear skewer and the chicken and mango skewer, among others, which may include spinach or another vegetable.

The pork and pineapple skewer and the lamb skewer and roasted tomatoes are other alternatives for lovers of meat.


Meat skewers cooking.

Recipes with fish and seafood

Marine flavors can also be showcased on skewers. The prawns They are usually served on skewers so that the diner can take them and accompany them with some sauce or a dressing.

It is also possible to find Salmon brochettes Y octopus skewers. Various fishMeanwhile, they are made in tempura (battered in flour and fried) and served on skewers.

Vegetarian skewers

Of course, those who choose not to eat meat from any animal they have an extensive menu of vegetarian skewers at your service. Zucchini or zucchini, onion and tomato are enough to make a delicious and healthy skewer.

With tomato and cheese you get a capresse skewer. More innovative are the cheese and grape skewers and the skewers of mushrooms.

Skewers can even be sweet and go to dessert. Different fruits can be combined (banana or plantain, strawberry or strawberry, pear, kiwi) and even bathe with chocolate.

As you can see, there are no limitations on the world of the skewers. You just have to have creativity and access to the ingredients to venture into these gastronomic proposals.