A sink is a battery or pool which is used for scrub: rubbing (rubbing) something with something else. Usually scrubbing refers to clean an item by scrubbing it with a sponge, cloth or brush that is soaked in water and with a suitable product (as a Detergent or some kind of soap).

SinkReturning to the idea of ​​the sink, it is a deep structure, concave, where the Water. This water is used to wash what is left in the sink.

Also called bat or bacha In some regions, the sink is usually located in the kitchen and is intended for washing dishes, cutlery and other objects used to prepare, serve and consume food.

The first sinks were containers of wood or stone. Over the years, other materials began to be used, such as cement, marble Y stainless steel.

The sinks can be built as a unit or have divisions to accommodate different receptacles or bowls. That sink that has more than one bucket allows you to organize the washing of the Utensils in various ways (for example, using one bucket for washing and another for rinsing implements).

It is important to bear in mind that washing dishes and dishes is a daily action, which makes the sink a key part of any home. Although the washing can be carried out in the machine known as dishwasher, the usual thing is that the task is developed manually.