The first meaning of shock absorber that mentions the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) in his dictionary alludes to that which cushions: that is, that causes something becomes less intense, strong, or energetic. In this case, shock absorber is used as an adjective.

Shock absorberThe most frequent use of the term, however, is given as noun. The shock absorber is called device that allows to minimize and compensate the consequences of violent movements, shocks and shocks in mechanical machines.

Shock absorbers are essential pieces of transportation such as automobiles, the trucks, the vans and the motorcycles, as they protect the rest of the vehicle’s components, the driver and passengers from impacts and vibrations.

Integrated to suspension system, the shock absorbers are located between the wheels and the chassis and they contribute to the control of movements. Within the framework of their operation, they convert the Kinetic energy on Energy thermal.

Thanks to the shock absorbers, the vehicle has better grip on the road. surface, shortens the braking distance, is more stable in curves and offers greater comfort when driving since the irregularities of the road are absorbed by these devices.

There are different types of shock absorbers. At a general level, a shock absorber has a chrome shaft that is fixed to the vehicle and a pair of steel tubes: a inner tube (compression) and a outer tube (reserve, containing oil). With circulation, a piston moves the inner tube which, by the Pressure, collects oil from the other tube and makes it flow through valves.

A very soft shock absorber makes it difficult to control the car. At the other extreme, a very hard shock absorber detracts from ride comfort. Therefore the shock absorbers must be in optimal conditions to guarantee the safety and comfort.