Before proceeding to determine the meaning of the term glittering, it is necessary that we know its etymological origin. In this sense, we can determine that it is a word that derives from Latin, specifically it is the result of the sum of the following components of that language:
-The prefix “re” which means “again”.
-The noun “lux-lucis”, which is equivalent to “light”.
-The suffix “-nte”, which is used to indicate who is the agent that performs the action.

Shimmering it’s a adjective used to rate that which glitters. The verb shine, for its part, refers to the objects that sparkle, sparkle, dazzle or radiate radiance. The glittering, therefore, is something to be found impeccable or that stands out for its state or condition.

ShimmeringFor instance: “I hope it doesn’t rain: I left the patio gleaming after more than an hour of cleaning”, “My car was shiny until some birds got it dirty”, “The model looked shiny fifteen days after giving birth”.

Thus, for example, there is talk of the need for cutlery in luxury restaurants and official receptions to be shiny. Therefore, in the case of silver, it is essential that it be thoroughly cleaned beforehand with specific products for that material.

It is often referred to as shimmering products new, unused and, therefore, do not show any signs of deterioration or wear. A newly purchased bicycle will be shiny: its wheels are intact, the paint on its frame is not scratched, etc. As the days go by and the bike comes into use, it will no longer shine as it will get dirty and start to break down.

When the adjective is used to qualify an individual, it is usually linked to his elegance and his esthetic. The peopleThey generally want to be shiny at social gatherings. That is why they take care of their wardrobe and their hairstyle in order to show a good appearance.

This meaning of glittering takes on special importance on certain occasions or social events. Thus, for example, when the Goya Awards are given in Spain or the Oscars in the United States, all the nominees and guests spend days and days choosing costumes, footwear, jewelry, hairstyles and makeup because they want to be shiny.

And it is that not only will they be put in the crosshairs of journalists and the media, who will then make lists of the best and worst dressed in the finery, but it is also important that they are perfect in case they finally win in the categories who are nominated, for something it will be a memory for a lifetime.

Gleaming is sometimes used symbolically to qualify the success Of something. It can be said that a 24-year-old tennis player who is in the Top Ten of the world rankings and who has already won ten tournaments is developing a brilliant career.