The most common meaning of the term shelf refers to the boards that, either on a wall or on a piece of furniture, are arranged in a horizontal so that it is possible to place different elements on them. The furniture formed by these tables is also known as a shelf or as shelving.

ShelfShelves are usually present in most houses as they are very useful. They can be placed in different environments of the living place, from the kitchen to the bedroom through the living room or the bathroom.

In the kitchen, the shelves are used to store Utensils, jars Y nonperishable food, for example. In a bedroom can store perfumes or books, while in a living room they are ideal to display ornaments. In a bathroom, shelves are used to keep handy towels or soaps.

It is important to note that the shelves can be part of other furniture. It is usual, in this sense, that cupboards and the libraries have shelves.

The Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), in its dictionary, it recognizes other meanings of shelf. The concept may mention the stick that, in a boat, it allowed to tie the tackle on the garrison tables; to the log that is driven into the ground to fix the structure of a construction in a tropical place; or the individual who, in the processions that take place in Easter week, take the steps.

Shelf can also be a adjective. The cattle shelfIn this framework, it always grazes in the same territory. A shelf subject, on the other hand, it remains fixed in a certain place or position.