ShelfA shelf is an element of the architecture or of design that serves as support Of something. It’s about a shelf elongated horizontally that is fixed to a wall so that things can rest on its surface.

Other names by which this concept is known are shelf Y shelf, the latter being which seems to harbor the most curious etymology. Although the origin of the word is not known with certainty shelf, It is believed that it may have derived from “manáquil”, a plural Hispanic Arabic voice whose singular, “manqálah”, in turn comes from “minqalah”, a term from classical Arabic that can be translated as “support” or “Bank«.

Julio Casares Sánchez was an important figure in the language of the late 19th century; He was born in Granada in 1877 and made invaluable contributions in various fields, including folology, lexicography, and literary criticism. One of them was the «Ideological dictionary of the Spanish language«, A work published in 1942 that reflects the result of a deep investigation and systematization of our idiom.

In said dictionary, some of the synonyms that are added to shelf are shelf, andana, platform, pluto, shelf, table, shelf, poyata Y candle holder. On the other hand, referring to the area of ​​the kitchen and its traditional furniture, it is possible to find vasera, sobrado, sideboard, cantarera Y bowl. In architecture, for its part, there is the term bracket. In all cases, there are many uses and variations for each word, as well as the preference of one or the other depending on the region.

For instance: “When I was a kid, I had a shelf full of tin soldiers in my room”, “My wife wants me to install a shelf on the kitchen so you can store the jars with noodles, rice and other products “, “The trophy rack is one of the great prides of the club: there we house all the cups we win”.

Shelves can have different characteristics. It may be a shelf of wood, iron, plastic or other material that is fixed to the wall through different techniques. In some cases, the shelves are screwed, in others they are nailed and there are even shelves that are glued to the wall.

It is common for shelves to be used for display certain objects. In a children’s room, a shelf allows you to collect and display different dolls, miniature cars, etc. A club of soccermeanwhile, you can display the various trophies you’ve earned throughout its history on a shelf.

ShelfAs can be seen in several of the examples presented above, some of the objects that are placed on a shelf have a certain value sentimental, either because they allow their owner to remember someone special, or because they symbolize a triumph in a certain competition.

It is important to note that placing a small sculpture or trophy on a shelf is not always intended for other people to see it; depending on the space in which they are, the objective may be the ostentation, but also the close and daily presence of these objects, to feel with more intensity those memories that they evoke.

Shelves are also frequently used as libraries, housing books. Thanks to its characteristics, it is possible to place the books on the shelf and see the title of each one on its spine at a glance.

When the shelves have to take a lot weight, appeal to different fastening elements, such as brackets or additional supports for nails and screws. In fact, a shelf can be part of a more complex structure, which has walls and legs, such as typical supermarket shelves.