Rocker is the diminutive of balance, a device used for weighing. A seesaw is called a rod used to regulate the movement of a mechanism since it is in a position to rotate around an axis.

RockerIn the field of mechanics, what a seesaw does is transmit movement from one part of the mechanism to another by pivoting on an axis. Rocker arms are used in car engines, for example.

The steam engines, meanwhile, they have rocker arms that are bars of iron. These elements transform rectilinear or reciprocating motion into continuous circular motion.

A seesaw, on the other hand, is a table that rests at its midpoint to preserve the Balance. The people sitting at each end go up and down alternately.

Also know as seesaw, the seesaw is one of the most popular children’s games in parks and squares. They are generally installed in the same area as the slides and the swings.

To use the seesaw, one child must sit on each extreme. Then they have to push each other alternately so that each one can reach the highest, go down, go back up, etc.

The bar that uses a tightrope walker to support himself on a rope and the log that is used to hook the straps of the cavalries in a horse carriage also receive the name of seesaw. In the field of zoologyFinally, rockers are the balancing organs which, on the sides of the thorax, present the Diptera (a kind of insect).