From Latin secretarus, a Secretary or a secretary is a person who is in charge of receiving and writing the correspondence of a hierarchical superior, carrying out his agenda and guarding and ordering the documents of a office. The position that a secretary occupies is often known as Administrative Assistant.

SecretaryThe secretary, therefore, performs certain elementary and essential activities in a company or organization. It is the employee who is in charge of the day-to-day management, always accountable to his superior.

Answering the phone, answering emails, receiving visitors, filing documents and coordinating payments and collections are just some of the tasks that a secretary performs.

To all these tasks, it would also be necessary to add the reception of different types of documents, the calculation of different accounts, having absolutely updated what would be the appointment schedule and also that of professional contacts that your boss has, undertake the information that is required about from your department or office.

In order to be able to undertake these functions in the most effective and efficient way, it is vital that the secretary, also called an administrative assistant, has extensive knowledge in areas such as accounting, management or office automation. In this last aspect, it is vital that it perfectly handle programs such as word processors, email platforms or database management software.

For instance: “I would like us to have a meeting in the next few days to discuss this business. Please call my secretary so we can arrange a meeting “, “I am going to ask my secretary for the papers to proceed with the signing of the contract”, “Yesterday I spoke with your secretary and she told me that you were sick: what happened to you?”.

Although the position of administrative assistant can be exercised by mens or women, the usual thing is that it is a woman who performs this function. That is why it is much more common to speak of a secretary and not a secretary.

Among the different varieties of secretaries that may exist, we could highlight the one that is called a private secretary. As its name indicates, it is the one whose functions are to take care of all the personal and private affairs of its boss, who occupies a position of authority.

The relationships that are established between bosses and secretaries as well as the power that the latter have, knowing first-hand all the secrets of those, have greatly inspired the fields of cinema, literature or television. In this sense, we could highlight the series on the small screen: “Inés Duarte, secretary”.

In 1990 this production began to be broadcast in Venezuela, starring the actress Amanda Gutiérrez, who told how an unattractive woman with low self-esteem becomes the secretary of a wealthy man who, with the passage of time, will achieve conquer.

On AmericaHowever, a secretary is a public official in charge of an administrative department of the government. In this case, a secretary resembles a minister: “The Secretary of Commerce met with the president to determine the steps to follow in the face of the strike”.