Scrap is a term that comes from the Basque word txatarra, which refers to “the old”. The first meaning mentioned in the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) refers to the slag left by iron ore.

ScrapSlag is called matter that releases hot iron when hammered. The concept is also linked to the substance from the part of the metals that is less pure, which remains floating in the furnaces during the process of foundry.

There are, however, other more common uses for scrap metal. This is how the scrap metal scraps already old or damaged appliances that don’t work properly. Scrap, in this frame, is a residue or trash.

Beyond these definitions, it is important to mention that scrap from iron is used for produce steel. That is why scrap metal has value and generates a business: scrap dealers they collect, store and purchase scrap metal, which they then wholesale for use.

In the American continent, meanwhile, junk is used in apposition to indicate that what designates the noun to which it is associated results from poor quality. A example of this use appears in the idea of junk food: foods with a high level of sugar, salt and / or fat and few nutritional components.

Junk food is usually prepared quickly (that’s why it’s part of the so-called fast food) and stimulates both appetite and thirst, favoring the locals who serve it. Its consumption in excess can cause problems of Health What diabetes Y obesity.