A scolding is a reprimand, a awareness or a sermon. When a person he scolds another, he is expressing his dislike for some action or word. For example: “If you want to hear my scolding, listen to me when I speak to you: I am your father”, “The ministers had to tolerate a new scolding from the president, who was furious at the latest public statements from his team”, “We have to go back: if you didn’t get to my house before dark, they will scold me”.

ScoldingWhat a scolding does is convey anger or unease. In general, the scolding tries not only to make the other individual notice their discomfort, but also to demand a change in their behavior. conduct or in their attitude.

Suppose a teacher, in class, asks her students to keep be quiet. A child, ignoring his request, speaks to a classmate. The teacher, faced with this situation, warns the student that he must remain silent. Despite this, the boy speaks again. Then the teacher is forced to scold him, highlighting that she had already asked him to be silent. Scolding, in this case, implies a sanction and an implicit demand for a change in behavior.

It is considered that when scolding children for anything they have done wrong, these tips should be followed to ensure that the action is effective and achieves the purposes for which it is carried out:
-Parents should not use any type of violence, neither physical nor verbal.
-You have to speak to them clearly, directly and with vocabulary that they can understand.
-The tone used should be normal and calm.
-It must be explained in such a way that they can understand what they have done wrong and why their action receives that qualification.
-Adults should sit next to their children, look them in the eye and do it in a place in the house where there are no interruptions of any kind.
-It is important that the little ones know the feeling of their parents before what has happened.
-Never have to resort to comparisons or disqualifications.

According to the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), scolding It is also the name given to the piece of bread which lacks crust and was roasted in the oven In Andalusian gastronomy, a thin and hard cake of bread that accompanies different preparations is known as reprimanded or reprimanded.

As a general rule, this type of bread is usually used to accompany from a table of sausages to a plate of hummus through a bowl of olives.

In addition to all the above, we must not forget that this food, typical of Andalusian lands, can be presented in a wide variety of forms. Thus, although they share what is the same recipe, then each one can present different additives. A clear example of this can be found in any supermarket where there are simple scolds and then others that have sesame or almonds, for example.

The basic ingredients to prepare them are olive oil, salt, wheat flour, water and yeast.