A scaffold is a structure what allows you to stand on it to carry out work at height. Whoever climbs on a scaffold can paint a roof or carry out construction or restoration tasks of a property, to mention a few possibilities.

ScaffoldScaffolds are made up of boards arranged horizontally, which are held through feet. When the scaffold is suspended by strings, it is called hanging scaffold.

In the works under construction, scaffolding is essential. Thanks to the scaffolding, the workers can access the different work areas, moving materials and progressing with their tasks. With scaffolding can also be implemented catwalks Y bridges that facilitate movements inside the construction site.

It should be noted that scaffolds are temporary and auxiliary frameworks. Once the Actions and the construction or repair in question is terminated, the scaffold is dismantled.

The installation and use of scaffolds require special care to minimize the possibility of an accident. It is important to check the support and fastening parts, signs must be placed to promote safe use and workers must use helmets as a protection, for example.

Scaffold 90, on the other hand, is the name of a theater hall Y school of theater which is in the Buenos aires city (Argentina). It was founded by Alejandra Boero on 1990 and currently dictates the races of Theater Direction, Theater teachers Y Performance, all of them with official titles. Also in Scaffold 90 different workshops are held.