A sample is a part or one portion of a product that allows to know the quality of it. For instance: “Yesterday I requested a sample of the new perfume that they advertise on television”, “They have asked me for a sample note for a Mexican magazine”, “I need a sample of fabrics, please”.

SampleThe extracted part of an assembly that is considered as a representative portion he also receives the sample name: “86% of Brazilians approve of Lula da Silva’s management, according to the survey carried out on a sample of 10,000 people from various social classes”. The statistic sample is the subset of the individuals in a statistical population. These samples allow to infer the properties of the total of the set.

In this way, we can also state that there is an expression that is frequently used in the colloquial sphere. We are referring to the sample button. Specifically, we can say that it is used to say that something is working as an example of a thing. A phrase that makes the cited meaning clear is the following: “The singer performed a part of a song to serve as a sample button for all his art.”

Sample is also the specimen to be copied or imitated: “I asked my students to copy the sample drawing in their notebooks”, “Please take this sample into account when designing the models”.

The clue or sign that proves something and the conventional sign denoting what is sold in a store are also samples: “The insults of the coach are a sample of the social violence that exists in the country”, “I don’t need another sample from you, I already know what kind of people you are”.

In addition to all the above we have to point out the fact that a sample is a term that is used in the military field to refer to the moment of training carried out by some troops so that the positions in charge carry out the corresponding inspection of them. . Therefore, we can say that shows is synonymous with magazine.

Nor can we forget that there are so-called trade shows. These are events whose central axis is the exhibition of various products and articles to make them known to the public. In this way, not only the knowledge of them but also their sale will be encouraged.

All this without overlooking the fact that there is an animal that is named using the term that we are now analyzing. We are referring to a pointer dog. It is a dog that is trained to work in the hunting field. Specifically, what it does is sniff the prey once it has been shot so that the hunter can see and catch it.

The Art sampleFinally, it is the exhibition or exhibition in a physical space where artistic objects are made known. These samples can present paintings, sculptures, drawings, etc .: “Yesterday I visited an exhibition of African artists that amazed me”.