There are various theories about the etymological origin of the term rogue, however, it is established with some certainty that it could derive from Latin, specifically from the vulgar Latin “granuculum”. This, in turn, is a word that is the result of the sum of two lexical components of Latin: the noun “granum”, which means “grain”, and the derogatory suffix “-ujo / uja”.

Originally it was used to refer to the grapes that were detached from the bunch. However, from the 19th century it was established that it was also used to refer to rude boys who spent the day on the street, without working and without studying as well as with no intention of doing anything.

The Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), in its dictionary, recognizes some meanings that can be directly linked to this etymological origin.

RascalRogue is called grain presented by grapes and other fruits inside. The rogue, in this sense, is the seed or seed.

The most common use of concept, however, it is associated with a rogue, shameless or cheating individual. A rogue, in this setting, is a rascal or a sluggard. In some cases, the term is used affectively.

For instance: “Miguel’s rogue missed work again”, “In his new movie, the actor plays a rogue who spends his days from bar to bar”, “I need an honest helper, not an irresponsible rogue”.

“Rogues at full speed”, on the other hand, is the qualification with whom he met in Spain to the movie “The Blues Brothers”, premiered in Latin America What “The shameless brothers”. It is a film starring Dan Aykroyd Y John belushi with the characters these comedians developed on the TV show “Saturday night Live”.

John Landis was the director of that feature film, released in 1980 and which tells of the adventures of two brothers, jazz artists, who want to give a concert and who have to face all kinds of vicissitudes to get it.

Steve Cropper, Donald Dunn, Willie Hall and Tom Malone were other actors who participated in this film, which has become a classic in the history of cinema.

“Half-hair scoundrels”, meanwhile, is the Spanish title for “Small Time Crooks”. This comedy, also known as “Medium hair thieves” Y “Rogue thieves”, has the direction and performance of Woody Allen.

In the year 2000 was when this other film was released, which stars not only Woody Allen himself but also actors of the stature of Hugh Grant, Tracey Ullman and Elaine May.

It tells the story of a retired thief who decides to reunite his gang in order to commit one last robbery. However, his original plans will be seriously disrupted.

“Rogues and ladders” Y “Rascals with ladders”, finally, are the titles in Spanish of “Crook and Ladder”, an episode that is part of the 18th season of the Serie animated “The Simpsons”.