The Catalan word coet led to rocket, a concept that has several meanings in our idiom. A rocket can be a device that travels through the air at high speed and is used as a weapon.

RocketThese rockets usually have a jet engine (known as rocket engine) that, through the expulsion of gases that come from its combustion chamber, produces the movement. They can also be driven by a propellant charge which is burned inside the launch tube.

Rockets are also machines that, thanks to a combustion engine, generate the Kinetic energy It is required to expand certain gases that are expelled through a tube. That is why it is said that they have propulsion to reaction. A spacecraft that uses this type of propulsion is also often called a rocket.

With a rocket it is possible to send probes and artificial satellites to outer space, and even to astronauts.

In this sense, we cannot forget the existence of what is known as a space rocket. This comes to be a machine equipped with a combustion engine and that produces kinetic energy for the expansion of the gases with which to have jet propulsion.

There are several types of space rockets, the most important of which are:
-If we take into account the number of phases, we find the one-phase rocket, also called monolithic, and the multi-phase rocket. This has, as its name indicates, several phases that are happening sequentially.
-If we take into consideration the type of fuel, we come across the solid fuel rocket, where the oxidant and the propellant are mixed in a solid state inside the combustion chamber, and the liquid fuel rocket. The latter is characterized by the fact that the oxidant and propellant are stored outside what is said chamber.

Throughout history there have been important rockets because they have managed to take man into space. We are referring to some such as the following:
-Vostok-K 8K72K, which is the first manned rocket. It was made in Russia and was responsible for making Yuri Gagarin the first man to reach space.
-Atlas LV-3B. An American rocket that made John Glenn the first man to reach Earth’s orbit.
-Saturn V, the rocket that took Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin to the Moon.

It is also called a rocket pyrotechnic element that presents a tube with gunpowder, which is attached to a rod. The cylinder has a wick at the bottom: when ignited, the combustion expels gases and causes the rocket to ascend very quickly. speed, until it explodes in the air generating a very loud noise.