The first step necessary to understand the meaning of the term rock is to establish its etymological origin. In this sense, we can say that it emanates from the sum of two Latin words:
-The noun “penna”, which can be translated as “wing” or “feather”.
-The suffix “-sco”, which is used to indicate membership or relationship.

A boulder is a pain large in size, usually at a certain height. The rocks, on the other hand, can be very heavy and wide rocks or stony-type elevations.

BoulderCrags are formed from procedures of the nature, such as a land movement, the action of water or the gravitational force when applied on steep slopes.

For instance: “The German climber tried to hold on to the boulder, but finally he slipped and the void fell”, “If you look at the rock with a long view, you will be able to appreciate the eagles’ nest”, “The local people told me that, during the winter, the rock is covered with snow”.

Other meanings of the concept accepted by the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) they refer to a type of mollusk, a kind of fabric and a region of the temporal bone that protects the inner ear.

Specifically, it must be emphasized that the anatomy-related peñasco is a part of the temporal bone, together with the scale and the tympanic bone, which has a pyramidal shape and has the particularity of housing the organs of the hearing. Likewise, we could highlight other important particularities:
-It is located in what is the part of the base of the skull.
-It is attached to the surrounding bones through what is known as synarthrosis.

Puerto Penasco, for its part, is a town located in the state of Sonora (Mexico). The area stands out for its natural beauties, as it combines beaches, islands and desert regions. Thanks to these characteristics, it managed to establish itself as an important tourist center that receives an increasing number of visitors. The town, however, obtains significant income from the fishing activity that takes place off its coast.

This city has its origin in the early twentieth century. Specifically, it was in 1926 when a town was established that began to expand thanks to the group of fishermen who came to the place with the clear purpose of carrying out their profession.

Those who visit this place today not only enjoy everything mentioned so far but also recognized and significant buildings in the area. Among these is, for example, the famous Hotel Posada La Roca, which is the oldest in the place and is located near what is the boardwalk. It is made of stone and has the peculiarity that for years it was used by Al Capone himself as a hideout when the American police were looking for him.

BoulderFinally, it is also the name of a population of New mexico, on USA, which has less than six hundred inhabitants according to the census data that was carried out in 2010.