A rheostat, also know as rheostat, is he device of a electrical circuit that allows you to modify your endurance. Through the movement of a cursor or an axis, the rheostat allows the current level to be varied.

In addition to everything discussed so far about rheostats, it is necessary to know that basically two types can be found, based on the design they have:
-The sliding rheostats, which are identified because they have a lever that moves up and down, being in charge of sliding the relevant contact.
-The rotation rheostats, which, thanks to a knob, see how the contact slides in a spiral.

RheostatIt is possible to associate the rheostat with other elements of an electrical circuit. It is often compared to a potentiometer, although its characteristics are different: the potentiometer divides the voltage, while the rheostat has a variable resistance. It can also be said that the rheostat is a type of resistor which is used to alter the current level.

That is, potentiometers are only used in circuits with little current, because they do not have the capacity to dissipate a large amount of power, while rheostats are used in circuits that are larger and have more current. . And it is that these can carry out the dissipation of greater power.

Rheostats connect to circuit serially. It is important to know if its power and value are appropriate to handle the current that will flow through it. In general, rheostats have great resistance and can dissipate a lot of power.

The rheostat, in short, regulates the intensity of the current, controlling the Energy that happens to the load. They are usually used in those processes that need to vary the resistance and control the intensity of the electric current, as occurs when start an engine.

In many areas and for many things it is common for rheostats to be used. However, among the most unique, frequent or interesting jobs they have, the following stand out:
-In engines.
-In digital type controllers.
-In sound equipment.
-In switches that are responsible for attenuating what is the lighting of a specific room.
-In guitars.
-In sewing machines.

It can be said that the rheostat is a variable resistor which has two contacts. The resistance’s mission is to resist the electrical flow: the higher the resistance, the current it will circulate slower in the circuit. The rheostat, having the ability to decrease or increase the resistance, makes it possible to modify the level of current that flows through the electrical circuit. To do their job, rheostats usually have carbon or some other insulating element and a slider.