Revolt it is a term with several uses. It could be a disturbance, a sedition or a rampage on a social level. In this case, a revolt is a social movement that opposes some figure of can or to a certain measure of the government and that it usually has a violent character.

RevoltFor instance: “The revolt in the Arab country led to the resignation of the first president”, “Four dead in the middle of the revolt that broke out in Greece”, “The president is concerned about the consequences of the revolt”.

Typically, a revolt arises spontaneously as an expression of a conflict, be it social, economic, political, etc. People gather in the streets to express their dissatisfaction with a situation and try to achieve a change.

Sometimes the revolt leads to a more organized movement that has projection in the future. The revolt can also become an attempt to revolution to achieve profound social or political change.

There are many types of riots, based on criteria such as who organizes them or what aspects they claim. Thus, for example, we run into peasant women, political, social, anti-seignorial, and even worker women. The latter we have to say that they appeared, above all, at the end of the 19th century and, as their name indicates, they were attacked by workers who tried to demonstrate against the terrible working conditions they had, as well as the poor salaries that they had. they were paid.

It should also be emphasized that when the revolt extends over a long period of time, it can lead to a war, if several countries participate, or a civil war, if it confronts people and sides of the same nation.

Many are the revolts that throughout history have taken place. However, among the most significant we would highlight the Revolt of Spartacus (73 BC) or the Revolt of Flanders (1568).

There are other applications of the idea of ​​revolt. A upset stomach is one that is damaged or has its functions altered: “The food left my stomach queasy”.

It is also frequent to use the term revolted table. This is used to refer to that drawing that is characterized by being made up of different figures and shapes and that share the uniqueness that they are reflected by a perfectly studied and analyzed disorder.

Something intricate or difficult to understand It is also understood as scrambled: “In such a troubled situation, one cannot know who is right”, “The club is quite upset with the elections”.

In addition to all the above, we would have to point out that revolt is a surname. Thus, in Spain there is a celebrity who receives the name of Raquel Revuelta, she is a woman who was Miss Spain in 1989 and since then until today she has served as a model, television presenter, actress and even businesswoman.

In the field of gastronomy, a scrambled eggs is a dish that includes a mixture of eggs and other ingredients, curdling without any particular form: “I’m going to prepare a pea scramble to accompany the meat”.