A reportage (concept that has its origin in the Italian word reportage) constitutes a journalistic, cinematographic or other work that has an informational purpose. In some cases it is represented by texts (interview published in a newspaper), in others by a sequence of images (a sequence of images on a topic) and in others, it does so through a video where an informative note is made about something (interview on a TV program).

ReportageThe most common use of the term refers to journalistic story of stories starring individuals residing in a certain environment where there is an important story to tell. In this case, the report is a testimony that allows narrating, with words, images and sounds depending on the medium, an episode of public relevance, making it known from the experience of the people. It generally contemplates the personal and direct observations of the journalist who performs it.

In any case, this is not the only type of report, there are others such as: scientific (highlights the most recent scientific findings and progress), the explanatory (allows inquiring about important or interesting events for public opinion), the investigative (seeks to capture unknown details about a specific event), the human interest report (revolves around an individual, people, collectivity or community) and the free report (It has a structure of your choice and is usually short in length).

Regarding its structure, the report can present various forms, since it allows integrating various narrative possibilities, as long as the veracity of the story is not altered. In some cases, it uses journalistic resources, which help to explain the topic being addressed with better clarity; the polls and the interviews They constitute two resources widely used by the report to show events.

Although the report is not included in any of the existing literary genres so far, it should be noted that the Colombian writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez, it does consider that it is a literary genre, which could be a neighbor to the chronicle. A genre that makes use of materials from the real plane to become a literary text.

The bases of a good report

The tips that should be taken into account when make a report are:

* Make a clear introduction the topic to be discussed (in the case of conducting an interview, first tell the listeners or readers who that person is and what they are going to talk about at said meeting);
* Use a attractive language for the spectators (pay special attention to the tone of voice, to the rhythms both when speaking and writing, so that whoever is on the other side has an interest in continuing to listen or read);
*Expand as much as possible the topic to be discussed (develop the content of the note in as much detail as possible so that whoever is on the other side really knows what is being talked about);
* Manifest the point of view that is had (the opinion of the person making the report must be based on facts, have been carefully analyzed and clearly shown, it must also be made clear that it is an opinion as valid as that of everyone else).

ReportageIn order to develop these points in the best possible way, it is important to have much more information than the one that will be given, in order to know how to respond to the concerns of others as accurately as possible, for this it is necessary to read a lot and look for all the data that can be on the subject to master it in the best way. It can also serve make an outline of the topic to be discussed, with the subtopics so that the information is provided in a clear and orderly manner.

The concept of multimedia report refers to a journalistic piece that combines different elements (tools, journalistic genres and forms of expression). It is named for the great impact that digital media have had on information, causing in recent years the involvement of online media in the development of information has created new forms of communication. In this way, newspapers have become not only sheets where you read what happens, but also share videos, links and all kinds of content only possible thanks to the Internet.

Finally, it is important to distinguish between the report and the documentary film. While the first deals with current affairs, the second is timeless and, therefore, narrates events that, although they may have had a consequence in reality, are far from it. For his part, report, it’s a gender which is used to announce events and extend certain news, functioning as a link between two current moments.