Renin is the name of a enzyme that segregate certain kidney cells. It should be remembered that enzymes are protein that are responsible for catalyzing metabolic reactions, acting on various molecules.

ReninAlso known as angiotensinogenase, this enzyme is secreted when the organism experience a reduced blood volume (that is, records a low circulating blood volume) or hypotension (low blood pressure). Renin allows the activation of the so-called renin-angiotensin system, which contributes to the regulation of extracellular fluids and blood pressure.

The cells kidney disease may secrete mature renin or prorenin. In its mature state, this enzyme has 340 amino acids, according to what has been detected by scientists.

What renin does is increase the level of angiotensinogen in blood flow, something that results in an increase in blood blood pressure (thus combating hypotension). The process, in turn, allows better control of the organic balance with regard to salts and fluids.

The level of renin in the body can be measured through a test of blood. Your doctor will likely suggest temporarily not taking drugs that can affect the test result, such as blood pressure control medications, contraceptives, vasodilators, or diuretics. It is also recommended to minimize salt intake in the days prior to the study.

In the same way, we cannot ignore that it must be taken into account that the blood tests that are carried out to know the renin, can be altered in the case of a woman who is pregnant. And all this without forgetting that the result can also be different based on the time it is carried out or even the position of the person to whom it is carried out.

In addition to all the above, based on these analyzes it is necessary to know other aspects of great interest:
-As a general rule, renin is considered adequate if they result in values ​​between 0.2 and 3.3 ng / mL / hour.
-When it is indicated that there are low levels of this enzyme, it is because they are caused by causes such as that the person is undergoing treatment with steroids, that he has high blood pressure, that he is undergoing treatment with an antidiuretic hormone or that the The body is secreting too much of the hormone aldosterone.
-In cases where these levels are high, the doctor in question will carry out a study to find out which of the possible causes are responsible for them: very high blood pressure, dehydration, bleeding, the adrenal glands they do not generate enough hormones, there is a kidney tumor, there is a case of cirrhosis, there is heart failure …

According to the results of a renin test, the doctor will be able to detect primary hypertension and prescribe the appropriate drugs for your treatment.