The first thing to do to know the meaning of the term that concerns us now is to establish its etymological origin. In this sense, we can determine that it derives from Latin and that it is the result of the sum of two components of that language: the prefix “re-”, which can be translated as “backwards” and the verb “negare”, which means “to say do not”.

Renegade it’s a adjective used to rate the one who denies something. The verb deny, meanwhile, refers to abandon, reject or deny something, moving away from it.

RenegadeIt is usually qualified as a renegade, in this way, to the person that voluntarily leaves one faith or religion to embrace another. This meaning arose in medieval times when Christians and Muslims faced each other and there were subjects who switched from one religion to another. He who abandoned his beliefs was marked as a renegade.

In fact, history has left us with a long list of renegades in religious matters, due to the different circumstances in which they lived:
-Muladíes, were the Hispano-Visigoths who, during the eighth century in the territories that today make up Spain, converted to Islam.
-Elches, the Christians who switched to Islam.
-Moriscos, they were the Muslims of Al-Andalus who, after the forced conversion established by the Catholic Monarchs, began to be baptized and to “embrace” Christianity.

At present, precisely within Islam there are strong controversies about those who carry out the apostasy of that religion. Thus, for some faithful of that faith, the most fierce and intolerant, it is considered that the attitude of those who leave it aside should be punished with the death penalty. On the contrary, for others this action should not be condemned or punished, because individuals must be given freedom.

By extension, a renegade is said to anyone who changes their way of thinking and departs from a doctrine or a philosophy that previously defended. For instance: “I am fed up with the renegades of liberalism who now want to approach our government”, “I am not a renegade, I simply allow myself to question what seems wrong to me”, “There are many renegades of communism who now present themselves as champions of freedom”.

“Renegade”, or “Renegade” in its original language, it is the title of a series of TV produced in United States that aired between 1992 Y 1997. Along the 110 episodes, experiences of a policeman named Reno raines (played by actor Lorenzo Lamas placeholder image), who is accused of a crime he did not commit. Reindeer He escapes from prison and, while trying to clear his name, ends up transforming into a bounty hunter.

“Renegade” was one of the most successful series of the decade of 1990, being issued in dozens of countries.

Likewise, we cannot forget that there are several films that use the term at hand as a title. This would be the case, for example, of “The Renegade.” It is a 1954 French production, directed by Leo Joannon, which revolves around a man who hangs up his habit to become a military officer.