With origin in the Latin term recreation, the word recreation defines the action and recreate effect. So you can refer to create or produce something again. It also refers to amuse, cheer or delight, in a search for distraction in the middle of job and daily obligations.

With regard to the first established meaning, we can say that it is usually spoken of what is known as historical recreation. This is an activity that consists of an undetermined number of people proceeding to represent in the most faithful way possible an event from the past that had great importance and significance in the land where they live.

Thus, for example, in Spain and specifically in the city of Alcoy under the name of Fiesta de Moros y Cristianos the battle of Alcoy is recreated, which took place in 1276 and which confronted the residents of the town with the Muslim leader Alazraq. and his soldiers. A war in which, according to legend, Saint George appeared, riding his horse, to give victory to the inhabitants of the place.

However, in other parts of the world different historical re-enactments also take place. This would be the case, for example, in Poland where the staging and commemoration of the Battle of Grünwald in 1410 takes place, where the Teutonic knights and the inhabitants of the then Kingdom of Poland fought.

The Battle of the Molotov Line during World War II, the Battle of Austerlitz or the Battle of Naseby are other historical events that are re-enacted in various parts of the world geography.

RecreationRegarding the second meaning, recreation is the use of time that is considered as a therapeutic soda of the body and of the mind. Recreation involves a active participation of the subject, unlike the leisure which generally refers to break or to another more relaxed form of entertainment.

The specialists affirm that the entertainment is important to maintain a Balance between the homework and the physical and mental health. Therefore, when people lead increasingly sedentary and stressful lives, the need for recreation increases.

Among the more traditional recreational activities, mention may be made of those carried out at the fresh air. The fishing, for example, it is considered a recreational activity that allows you to relax and enjoy nature.

The sports As the soccer and the different types of games they are also chosen by millions of people around the planet when it comes to recreation.

In short, the concept of recreation encompasses the game in all its expressions and activities such as music and the theater. All recreational activities are considered to contribute to the enrichment of life. Therefore, recreation is also an attitude or state of mind, which expresses the very nature of the man.

Finally, it should not be overlooked that recreation is also used as a synonym for remake, that is, of a work that acts as a new version of a previous one.