The first step that we are going to take is to know the etymological origin of the term recording that we are now dealing with. In this case, we can state that it is a word that derives from French, specifically from the word “graver” which, in turn, comes from the German “graben”, which can be translated as “burilar” or “dig”.

Recording is he act and result of recording: to register sounds or pictures. The concept can also refer to the tape, disc or media with recorded material.

RecordingFor instance: “The Colombian artist announced that the recording of his new album will take place in a studio in Miami”, “The police are analyzing the security camera recordings”, “My uncle was a great singer, but unfortunately he did not leave any recordings”.

It can be said that the recording process consists of the capture and / or conversion of information, which is stored on a certain medium or medium. Once registered, that recording can be played back.

Text recordings are known as engravings or impressions. These recordings allow the storage and dissemination of the written word. The idea of ​​recording, however, is currently often associated with audio or video record.

A recording studioIn this sense, it is a specially prepared place for musicians to record their compositions. Recording can be analog or digital according to the type of sign to register.

Suppose a band of rock you want to record a album with their songs. For this you must resort to a recording studio, in which each musician will record their performances. The singer will do the same with his voice. Then the sound professionals will take care of mixing the tracks so that the album is ready.

In this case we have to state that a recording studio is made up of two clearly differentiated rooms. Thus, on the one hand, there is the capture room, which is where the artist, through the existing microphones, speaks or sings. On the other hand, there is the control room, which is where the technicians record the sound that comes from the aforementioned microphones and proceed to store them. What’s more, this room is where effects will be introduced, the capture made will be improved, sounds will be mixed … And all this is thanks to the use of effects, computers, a mixing console …

In the same way, it should not be overlooked either that it is also possible to carry out what is the recording of telephone calls that are made between two terminals. Specifically, in recent years the number of smartphones that incorporate this function has increased. Thus, for example, there are people who resort to this option to, for example, have evidence on a specific matter.

Likewise, there are journalists who also opt for this type of recording when, for example, they interview a famous person over the phone.

Refering to Video recording, many times it is done by cameras that record images for reasons of security. A restaurant may have a camera that films and records what happens in the room: in the event of a robbery, it is possible to resort to recording to analyze what happened and identify those responsible for the crime.