A report it’s a document or a written that is used to make something known. Through the reports, different types of information are transmitted, with very different purposes.

It is known as Reading report to the report What does a person make? after reading a certain text. Said report must include certain data that allow the individual to demonstrate that, indeed, they have read the text and it has understood.

Read and underline

Those who make a reading report can demonstrate that, indeed, they read and understood a text.

Functions of a read report

The reading reports have a double function. On the one hand, help to fix the concepts that the reader has just assimilated: by putting the knowledge in writing, the report works as a study technique.

On the other hand, the reading report can be evaluated by a third party (a teacher, a hierarchical superior, etc.) who will determine if the person he understood what he read.

Classification according to type

Specifically, we can establish that there are three different types of reading report:

-Analysis report, which consists not only in the usual report but also in adding to it an analysis of the subject that is discussed in greater depth and, in the same way, a personal opinion about it to end with some conclusions.
-Commentary report, in which the usual aspects in these documents will be addressed but with special emphasis on the inclusion of a synthesis of the argument.
-General reading report. This other type is also known by the name of informative reading report, which is the traditional one, the one that is easier to carry out and the one that does not require to delve into any specific aspect in depth.


Reading reports are common in education.

Among the information that is usually included in a reading report, the title of the construction site, its author, a description of the topic, a summary of the most important concepts and a conclusion. It is also frequent that the creator of the report must include an opinion on the contents of the book in question.

How to develop a reading report

In order to carry out an optimal reading report of a text in question, it is important that, in addition to everything stated so far, certain relevant considerations are taken into account:

-In the data, the names and surnames of whoever does it must be included as well as the title of the work, its author, the date of publication and the publisher. All this without forgetting that if it is a report such as school work, the name of the subject, the name of the teacher and the course must also be included.
-The main topic should not exceed two lines of text.
-It is advisable to include an outline so that the parts into which the report is divided is clear.
-Always write it in a clear and simple language, including the sources that have been used to elaborate it.

The way to develop a reading report can vary. Usually after a first general reading, the text is reread more carefully and they go underlining the ideas more important. Once this is done, the underline is taken to write a abstract and / or develop a picture. From this stage, the information that should be included in the reading report begins to be developed.