RayanaThe concept of rayano or rayana is used as adjective and is linked to the idea of stripe. Let us remember that raya, among its many meanings, can refer to the line that marks a surface or that divides something.

The borderline, therefore, can be about the boundary or next. For instance: “To my understanding, the minister uttered a phrase bordering on the illegal as it promotes hatred”, “For years he has maintained a behavior bordering on the irrational, constantly putting his life at risk”, “His innocence, bordering on idiocy, ended up exasperating the man”.

Rayana’s idea, in short, establishes a comparison between two things that, for some reason, are contiguous, bordering or close. Let’s take the examples above to understand how the concept works. When someone points out that a minister expressed something “Bordering on illegal”, will be mentioning that the phrase of the official in question was almost illegal because of its content.

Similarly, a behavior “Bordering on the irrational” would be one that lacks rationality or logic. The adjective can also associate exaggerated innocence with idiocy or lack of judgment.

Brandy Rayana Norwood, for her part, is a singer and actress born on February 11, 1979 in the American city of Mississippi. Winner of a Grammy Award, has edited discs What “Brandy” and “Never say never”.

Rayana Carvalho, finally, is the name of a model and Brazilian actress who was born on October 27, 1986 on Recife.

The crime of Rayana

RayanaThe writer José García Gallego, born in the Andalusian town of Zurgena, in the province of Almería, is the author of a novel entitled «The crime of Rayana«, One of the most significant works of his career, in which the protagonist is dedicated to investigating two mysterious deaths. Throughout the history, García Gallego describes a post-war rural environment in which humor merges with intrigue to result in a range of genres that, in its 400 pages, take the reader from magical realism to the crime novel.

The first of the deaths It takes place in the farmhouse of La Rayana: the corpse of the landlord appears, who works as a tax collector. It should be noted that a farmhouse is a very common rustic property in certain areas of southern Spain. Two other characters, Sergeant Rito and Judge Hilario begin to take the case, and all the clues they find suggest that the killer is one of the academy students, whom they describe as “crazy.”

The sergeant advances in the investigation and just when he is close to discovering the criminal, he dies, also in a mysterious and tragic way. After his fall, no traces of their findings remain, and the investigative work passes into the hands of a municipal policeman named Mendieta and the aforementioned judge Hilario, who finally find the culprit of the original crime. However, there is nothing they can do about the murder of Sgt.

It is worth mentioning that the period in which «The crime of Rayana»Was characterized by the existence of two codes quite different: Civil and Military Justice, for normal citizens and for members of the Army, respectively. Hilario uses his contacts to prevent Rito’s murder from going unpunished.

It is a novel in which humor is one of the main elements, and allows a pleasant description of the post-war period in a small town, where a large number of customs and traditions reign.