RanchThe term Ranch it can be used in different ways. One of its most common uses in South America refers to the living place precarious, built with few resources. For instance: “The soccer player grew up on a ranch that had no drinking water or electricity and today he is a millionaire”, “The rulers should do something so that those who live in ranches can access a more dignified home”, “The hurricane destroyed dozens of ranches in the rural area of ​​the province”.

In Venezuela, a ranch lacks the materials and elements necessary to guarantee the security of the people what they inhabit. In a ranch, there is usually no access to basic public services (electricity, water, gas), which makes living conditions bad.

A ranch can have a floor of Earth, roof of lock and walls of paperboard, to cite one possibility. Therefore, a storm can knock it down or damage its structure very easily. The ranches are built in an improvised way, without the participation of an architect or an engineer. As expected, the people who live in such buildings do not have sufficient resources to access the appropriate conditions for their own development.

In Venezuela, the city of Caracas is the urban agglomeration in which there is the largest number of ranches. The origin of this phenomenon in the country dates back to the 20th century and has grown intensely throughout the current one. In the 1950s, President Marcos Pérez Jiménez proposed himself as one of the objectives of his mandate eradicate ranches through plans construction of apartment blocks, which would be handed over to citizens.

The rulers who followed Pérez Jiménez worked on a program that consisted of the construction of these houses and their subsequent donation to those most in need, and it reached its peak as of the year 2000. But despite the efforts, not only Venezuela failed to reduce the number of ranches in its cities, but instead just the opposite happened: in 2011, the results of a census national revealed that almost the 10% of the buildings for housing are of this type.

RanchRancho, on the other hand, is the name given to the common food that is done for a large group of people. Typically, the ranch consists of servings of one stew shared by prisoners or soldiers.

The verb ranchIn this sense, it is used with reference to the action of ingesting a ranch (a meal in common) or sharing a home: “I’m ranching with some friends, you can come with us if you want”, “Let’s go ranching and then we continue our journey”.

Ranch sauce

Also known as ranch sauce, the sauce al rancho is a delicious combination of flavors used to accompany meals made on the grill or in the oven. Let’s see below the list of ingredients necessary for its homemade preparation:

* 1 kg of big onion, also called White;
* 250 gr of butter;
* 1/2 liter of cola drink;
* 100 gr of sugar;
* tomato sauce and barbecue to taste;
* bay leaves, thyme, salt and pepper.

The first step of the preparation is to sauté the onion together with the butter; a few seconds after cooking, it should be seasoned with salt, pepper, two bay leaves, thyme and sugar. Once the onion has caramelized, it is time to blend the tomato and barbecue sauces and the cola drink, to finally add the mixture together with the onion and leave to fire slow for 20 minutes.