The idea of frame refers to a frame. According to context, the term can refer to different kinds of structures.

FrameA rack can be a bracket used to fix a fabric or a canvas. These elements are essential for artists when painting.

Racks are generally made of wood and have the function of keep taut the cloth. The most common pictorial frames are rectangular in shape, although other designs can be found.

In a vehicle, on the other hand, the frame is the support that holds the bodywork (that is, the part that covers the engine and many other mechanical components and where the passengers are located). In today’s cars the frame and body are often integrated.

It can be stated that a frame is made up of transverse and longitudinal beams on which the mechanical devices of the frame are installed. source of transport. The frame is integrated into the chassis.

In the field of technology, a frame, cabinet, cabin or rack is a support that allows the computer equipment accommodation. These structures have a standard size of 19 inches and are often used in data processing centers for the installation of servers.

On the ground of theaterFinally, the racks make up the decorated, standing at the sides of the stage. What happens “behind the scenes” takes place out of view of the spectators.

By extension, the expression “behind the scenes” is used as an adverbial phrase regarding what It is done in a reserved way and without transcending. For example: “Both leaders established an agreement behind the scenes”, “It is impossible to know what happens behind the scenes”.