Bobbin is a term that comes from the Latin word cannella, diminutive of canna (which translates as “cane”). The concept has various uses according to the context.

BobbinIn several Latin American countries, the canilla is called faucet: that is, to the wrench that is placed in the mouth of a pipe to allow or deny the passage of water. If the tap is closed, the water does not come out; on the contrary, when you open the tap, the liquid begins to flow.

In the sink or kitchen sink and in the bathroom sink or sink of the houses, there are always taps. The bobbin has a threaded stem and a rubber, leather or rubber washer that serve to open or close the conduit through which the Water to the outlet pipe.

The Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), in its dictionary, also indicates that each tap is called a extensive bone arm or leg. This use usually appears with respect to the tibia.

It is common that, in various regions, the idea of ​​a tap refers specifically to the shin or front leg sector. The shin, in this frame, extends between the ankle and the knee, developing on the opposite part of the calf. The jamb or shin guard is the accessory used in various sports to protect that area.

The expression “Free bobbin” or “open bar”Finally, it is used to refer to the service provided in certain establishments or social events, through which it is possible to drink without limits for price permanent.