The term draft It comes from the Latin proiectus and it has various meanings. A project could be defined as the set of activities carried out by a person or an entity to achieve a certain objective. These activities are interrelated and developed in a coordinated manner.

Starting from this meaning, we would have to emphasize that one of the most important projects, to the extent that it influences an entire country, is what is called a bill. A term with which it comes to define any initiative that tries to carry out the government of a nation and that requires that it be sent to Parliament for it to give it its approval.


A project is born from an idea.

The budget and the deadline

The usual thing is that the objective pursued by the project must be fulfilled in a certain time period previously defined and respecting a budgetOtherwise, the project will be said to have failed.

For instance: “My project for this year is to improve my level of English”, “At this moment I am fully involved in a new work project”, “I have a life project with Victoria that I am going to defend tooth and nail”.

Project types

A project can simply be a plan or a idea, at least in everyday life or in colloquial language. When talking about projects in a more formal framework, it is usual that various stages in their development can be distinguished: first an idea arises that recognizes an opportunity, then the project itself is designed with the evaluation of strategies and options and finally execute the plan. After the completion of the project, it is time to evaluate the results according to the fulfillment, or not, of the objectives set.


Planning is key to the success of a project.

In this sense, two of the most frequent types of projects would be the following. On the one hand there would be those that are carried out in a specific company pursuing the achievement of very defined purposes and as a general rule an improvement in the financial returns of the same. And, on the other hand, there are those carried out by students of certain university careers to obtain their relevant degree, thus demonstrating that they have acquired the knowledge and skills necessary for the performance of their profession.

Although there are multiple classifications of projects, it is possible to identify two broad categories. On one side appear the productive projects (associated with Business, seek to generate economic benefits) and, on the other, the social projects or public (They aim to improve people’s quality of life).

Initiatives of civil associations

Regarding this last established type, that of a social nature, various examples could be pointed out that are working in societies around the world and that seek to help a specific group. This would be the case, for example, of Proyecto Hombre, which is a non-governmental organization dedicated to the treatment and prevention of various drug addictions.

Likewise, it could also be pointed out to Proyecto Esperanza, an entity whose purpose is to help all those women who are victims of what is known as trafficking in women.