ProfitIt is known as profit to the income, profit, benefit or profit that is obtained from a certain thing or activity. To clarify this idea, it can be said that commercial firms Their main purpose is profit, that is, the economic benefit.

Profits are made once total revenues manage to exceed full production and distribution costs. This means, in other words, that the company receives more money of the one who invests or loses. Otherwise, instead of making a profit, the company would accumulate losses and would not be a business.

For the field of straight, the profit motive is translated as the intention of a subject to increase his patrimony through a legal action. This will is usually regulated with the signing of a contract.

Moreover, it is known as loss of profit to the damage to the patrimony that is triggered from the loss of an economic utility or of a gain legitimate as a result of a harmful episode, and constitutes what has been lost or cannot be gained as a result of the problem suffered.

In order to speak of loss of earnings, according to experts, the existence of a concrete and real perspective of benefits. For example: A failure in the service of an electric company causes a butcher’s merchandise to rot, due to having to interrupt the operation of his refrigerators. The victim may demand a compensation for lost profits to recoup the cost of the meat and the profits he would have made with his sale.

Compensation will be granted provided that the evidence required by law is presented, through which the injured party exposes his complaint with reliable data. They refer specifically to the scope of the damage:

* Proof of the existence of lost profits: A analysis based on presumptions and probabilities that allow determining the real connection between the lack of profit and the actions of the third party, who is accused of said damage.

* Proof of the amount of the damage: This is more difficult to prove since it depends on the criteria used by the judge to decide whether the amount insured by the victim corresponds to reality or not. This type of test is usually much easier if the injured party carries a correct taxation, since through his accounting books he will be able to demonstrate in what aspects the damage will affect his business in the future.

Profit and the Capitalist System

ProfitMany authors have written about the pejorative of this concept. Santos López Pelegrín says that profit is always excessive, while the gain is legal by relying on the laws mercantile. Likewise, Roque Barcia says that this appears when the utility deviates from the path, becomes usurers, selfish and even in many cases, cruel; understands profit as an abuse or a crime against profit.

The neoliberal intellectuals, on the other hand, assure that only thanks to profit is it possible to developing of a company, since as long as the companies make a profit, they can continue to invest in that venture or do it in a different one. They add that the existence of modern industry and scientific and technological advances are due to this essential factor of the economy. In this way they rely on the fact that the market contains the force to keep the interests of people and companies balanced, and that is why it is essential.

There are many discrepancies around this deification of the market and with it, of capitalist profit; Above all, they occur in matters of equality, since the fundamental consequence of this system is to eliminate the intermediate classes and divide society into two absolutely opposite strata: the rich and the poor. At this point many questions arise; The main one is: if capitalism comes to replace feudalism, imposing itself as a more orderly and efficient way of distributing goods in society, why does it end up leading to the same consequences?