ProcessorThe first meaning of the term processor that mentions the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) in his dictionary alludes to what processes. The verb process, meanwhile, refers to generate a process that allows to transform something.

In the field of computing, the idea of ​​processing is linked to develop scheduled operations with data. From this definition we can understand the concept of processor that is usually used in this field: this is the name of the functional unit of an electronic equipment, like a computer, which has the mission of find, execute, and interpret instructions.

The processor, also known as microprocessor, it’s a Integrated circuit (i.e. a chip or microchip). This element allows the execution of the software, including the operating system of the machine.

The processor’s task is to development of logical and arithmetic operations. He is commonly referred to as the brain of the computer, since it can be considered that its operation is analogous to that of the most important organ of the human being.

A few decades ago, devices that based their operation on a processor were few, mainly computers and calculators; However, today we find this component in almost all electronic devices, including refrigerators and vacuum cleaners. Of course, this does not mean that all processors are the same or even comparable, but that the variety is very large and depends mainly on the purpose that is assigned to it.

To understand the way in which a processor works, it is necessary to understand that the factory comes with a architecture well defined, that is, with certain capabilities that it brings at the hardware level, but that can also face processes that are not included in this group. For example, a PC processor does not come prepared to run an Android operating system, but through emulation it can achieve it.

We must also make a distinction between the processor known as the CPU and the GPU: the former is also known as the “main processor” in the case of a computer; the second, on the other hand, is the processor graphic. Depending on the region, GPU is used in male or female, but it always refers to the component that is dedicated to all image-related tasks, such as 2D and 3D content rendering for videos and games.

A text processor, on the other hand, is a computer program that, as its name suggests, is used to create, edit and read texts. It is an essential application to carry out multiple work and academic activities, which is why it is usually present on all computers in companies and homes.

ProcessorFor several decades, the word processor replaced the typewriter, adding options and resources. Among the most used word processors we can mention Microsoft Word and OpenOffice Writer.

With the rise and rise of smartphones (the so-called smartphones) and tablets, which in a short time replaced laptops for most of the users “Casual”, the popularity of traditional word processors declined in favor of new options, many of them in the cloud.

While in the past programs were purchased and installed on the local disk by means of a CD, today there are many that are processed on a remote computer, on a server, and therefore we can access them instantly without more than signing up. For example, both Google and Outlook offer online word processors that we can take advantage of absolutely free of charge to create documents of varying complexity, from any device, including Pc desktop.

A food processor, finally, is a kitchen robot. This appliance allows you to perform various tasks related to the preparation of the meal.