PotatoesThe potato, also known as dad, it’s a tuber that has its origin in South America but that, at present, is cultivated in various regions of the planet. The Solanum tuberosum (scientific name of the potato) is one of the most important foods for humanity.

The potato tuber, which grows underground, houses the nutrients of the plant. Although the characteristics change depending on the variety in question, potatoes are generally grown on sandy-type soils that have a good level of humus.

Potatoes have vitamin C, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, potassium and other components that are essential in diet of the human being. That is why its consumption is very popular in a large number of countries.

The forms of consumption are very diverse. For example, potatoes can boil on Water and salt to be consumed directly in this way or to grind once boiled and puree. You can also make croquettes, sandwiches, soufflés and puddings with the mashed potatoes.

The chips, also known as french potatoesThey are usually the chosen accompaniment for many dishes, although they are also consumed as an aperitif. In this case, the potato is peeled, cut into sticks and deep-fried oil. When they are golden brown, they are removed from the oil, dried with an absorbent paper and a little salt is added.

The combination of French fries, eggs and other ingredients (such as bacon or onion, for example) makes it possible to create the famous omelette. Strict vegetarians do not consume any product of animal origin, but that does not prevent them from making delicious potato omelettes, since the only main ingredient they refuse to use is the egg, and they can replace it with a mixture of water and chickpea flour, among other possibilities.

PotatoAnother of the very popular foods that include potato as an essential component are the gnocchi. In this case, a recipe Simple requires the following ingredients, considering a serving for two people: a large potato or two medium ones; 1/4 of flour; spices to taste, including coarse and fine salt; lard (also called butter) of olive.

The preparation of the gnocchi is easy and fast. First, the potatoes should be washed, peeled and boiled until it is possible to pierce them with a fork; it is important to take a spoonful of Salt thick in the water (some people prefer to do it from the beginning, while others say that it is convenient once the boil begins). When the potatoes are cooked, they must be removed from the heat and placed in a suitable container for the preparation of the dough, such as a bowl.

To make the dough, you should start by stepping on the potatoes together with a generous spoonful of olive butter and the desired spices, such as fine salt, parsley, oregano and pepper powder. Once a paste is obtained, water and flour are added so that little by little it becomes a mixture similar to that used for the Pizza. The most recommended is to knead on a counter, previously placing a layer of flour to prevent the bun from sticking; This allows you to use both hands and achieve a better consistency.

When the dough is no longer sticky but has become malleable and elastic, it is time to cut it into small buns and begin to stretch them to form long cylindrical strips, which, in turn, must be cut into small pieces that will eventually be , the potato gnocchi. As a last optional step, to make the presentation more pleasant and professional, each gnocchi can be passed through a fork so that the typical ones are formed. gutters what do you get that appearance unmistakable.

Finally, it should be noted that the potato can be fermented to obtain vodka and other alcoholic beverages.