Probe is he probing procedure and result. East verb refers to the inquiries or polls that are carried out to get a first overview of a topic.

ProbeFor instance: “The survey commissioned by the Government reveals that the people do not agree with the proposal of the legislators”, “Before launching the new product, we better do a survey among potential consumers to find out what they want”, “The club authorities conducted a survey to find out what is the opinion of the neighbors about the sports center”.

When general elections are to take place in any country, polls are frequently carried out with the clear purpose of knowing the opinion of the people and “predicting” what will be the result of the same.

Those may refer not only to the parties that attend the elections but also to their own leaders.

However, in electoral matters, there is also what is called an exit poll. As its name indicates, it is one that is carried out by means of a survey of all those who have come to vote and that consists of asking them who they have supported, once they have already deposited their ballot in the corresponding ballot box.

The purpose of the person conducting a survey is to find out what a social group or the society generally on a question. For this, a questionnaire that is presented to people in different ways (through a personal interview, a telephone call, by Internet, etc.) to collect responses. Based on what the interviewees said, it is possible to draw conclusions regarding the prevailing opinion.

Suppose a daily intends to publish a note on the repercussions of a legislative project that must be voted on as soon as possible. As part of the work of preparing this article, the newspaper hires a consultant who is responsible for conducting a survey. In this way, the consultancy will make telephone calls to different cities of the country to gather opinions and be able to provide the broadest possible panorama on how the population received the legislative proposal.

In the medicine and the geologyFinally, the notion of sounding is used to refer to the procedures performed with probes or similar tubes.
Specifically, we find, for example, what is known as a urethral sounding. This is an action that is carried out by doctors on a patient and its clear objective is to improve the diameter of the patient’s urethra or to try to find out if there is some type of obstruction in that area. It is carried out by inserting a series of medical tubes, known as probes, into it.

Likewise, we cannot ignore what is called oil drilling. This is undertaken in certain areas with the clear purpose of discovering if there is a reserve of said fuel in a specific area. It is necessary to emphasize that the aforementioned sounding can be of various types such as magnetic, electric, sonic …