please help if hawaiian!!!!?


please help if hawaiian!!!!?


  • Ehu is commonly used in reference to hair color. More specifically, someone of Hawaiian descent with light hair, either blond or light reddish-brown. I know a Family who has German and Portuguese mixed in with Hawaiian. Many of them have Hawaiian features and light hair. It is also used for brown hair that is very sun streaked. When I paddled as a teenager, we would put a mix of lemon juice and ordinary hydrogen peroxide in our hair to make it Ehu.

    here is a link to a Hawaiian dictionary that gives several definitions of ehu…

    Kolohe is commonly used to describe a person, usually a child, who is constantly getting into or causing trouble. It can be benign, for mischievous, comical, or roguish behavior, or more ominous for a troublemaker or malicious person.

    Hawaiian dictionary definition here…

    Source(s): ulukau Hawaiian Electronic Library Hawaiian Dictionaries…

    Lifelong resident of Hawaii

  • Ehu Girl Meaning

  • Ehu is light brown to reddish brown in hair color. That is my Hawaiian name (Ehulani or a heavenly red, as I was named by my hawaiian grandmother). My hair (was) reddish brown, streaked with gold highlights and hence, the name “ehu”. Wish I still had that, lol

    Source(s): Hawaiian gal named Ehulani
  • sounds like you’re talking about ehu girl by kolohe kai

    ehu is a brownish hair from the sun

    kolohe is a descriptive Hawaiian term for someone who is naughty or devilish. A pure rascal by heart.

  • Kolohe Meaning

  • Hi, I am a fluent Hawaiian speaker from the islands of Hawaii! Ehu means mist in Hawaiian. But in the song Ehu girl by kolohe Kai they use it the “Pidgin” way meaning a certain hair color which one of these other comments gives a great explanation of.

    Kolohe on the other hand means mischievous. And the name “kolohe Kai” would mean “the mischievous oceans”.

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  • I am not sure about ehu..

    But i know that Kolohe means mischief, or mischievous.

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