It is called plating to the work done with veneers. A sheet, meanwhile, is a sheet metal, wood or other material, characterized by its low thickness.

PlatingMany times the notion of veneer is used to refer to the action and the result of plating or plating: that is, from cover with veneers. A veneer, in this frame, can be a covering developed with veneers.

When it is indicated that something is or is plated, it is referred to as coated or lined with veneer. It is interesting to note that, in the field of carpentry, it’s called sheet one thin sheet of wood which is manufactured with a special machine and which is used for plating.

Veneer sheets can have different characteristics and colors. Although long ago it used to be considered that a veneered piece of furniture was a poor quality product, today it is understood that the veneers are in a position to contribute to the decoration and durability of the piece.

When made with real wood, veneer can enhance the appearance of a piece of furniture made with another material, even if it is only a sheet. Chests of drawers, tables and cabinets are among the most common veneered furniture.

The veneer tends to adhere to the structure through a special glue. Thus, once applied, it allows to obtain a piece of furniture with a solid appearance at a reduced cost.

The so-called chaff veneerFinally, it is a traditional artisan procedure from the south of Colombia. The technique consists of appealing to sheets made with wheat, rice or barley straw to line plates, chests, cups and other objects.