It is known as pinwheel to arrow that has a spike on one end and some ornamental element on the other. Said arrow, as part of an entertainment, is thrown against a target to try to get it stuck.

PinwheelRehilete is also the name given to the children’s toy which, in other regions, is called pinwheel, grinder or swirl. In this case, the pinwheel consists of a stick of plastic or wood that, in its upper sector, has a mill whose blades are made of cardboard or paper. Thanks to the different colors of these blades, when they move they create surprising visual effects.

These pinwheels are usually sold on public roads so that, when the child takes them with his hand, the wind take care of turning the blades. The little ones, of course, can also blow to make the blades move.

It should not be overlooked that there is even a traditional Chinese game that responds to the name of pinwheel and that has its origin approximately two thousand years ago, during the time of the Han dynasty. It has a considerable weight and it includes a series of colored feathers.

The objective of this type of entertainment is none other than to touch that ball and pass it from one player to another without it touching the ground. In both China and Korea it is very common to see children in the street having fun with this object, which can be bought in stores and at any street stall.

The dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) also recognizes the term pinwheel as a synonym for banderilla. It is the harpoon between 70 Y 78 centimeters of extension whose tip is nailed in the body of the bull to enrage it. Currently, the pinwheels are nailed in pairs by the banderilleros.

For the defenders of the Rights of the animals, the pinwheels are nothing more than a instrument of torture. When its tip sticks into the animal, it causes intense pain, although of short duration. Then, as the bull moves, the pinwheel also oscillates, injuring the animal more and more.

To all this we could add that there is a cultural center that bears the term in question in its name. It is the El Rehilete Museum, located in Pachuca de Soto (Mexico), which is a perfect mix between science, technology and art. Specifically, through various interactive proposals, it allows discovering aspects such as these:
-Prehistory, through the Dinopark where a tour of some of the most important species of dinosaurs is made.
-The universe, thanks to the Planetarium it has.
-The stars, in the Observatory that is part of its facilities.
-The plant world, which can be discovered through the species that make up the Botanical Garden.

All this without forgetting that this cultural center also has temporary exhibitions, an art gallery, an archaeological walk through ancient Mesoamerica, a scientific area to carry out experiments …