PentagonThe word pentagon comes from a word of Greek origin and serves to identify a polygon composed by five edges or sides Y the same number of angles. There is talk of regular pentagon when the figure has all identical sides and its interior angles are congruent. The sum of these angles allows us to arrive at 540 °, which means that each angle, in a regular pentagon, measures 108 °.

To cite some examples of use: “The teacher asked us to draw a pentagon in the notebook, using a ruler and a compass”, “Yesterday they taught us what pentagons and trapezoids are”, “I would appreciate it if you could explain the difference between a pentagon and a quadrilateral.

It is possible to refer to anything that looks like a pentagon (that is, it is made up of five lines and the same number of angles) with the name of the geometric figure. In this way we can speak of pentagons in reference to a edifice, a nut, etcera: “What surprised me the most about the city is the pentagon-shaped building in the center”, “Please pass me the pentagon nut to secure this furniture leg”.

This figure and others like it have replaced the circles in the computer and electrical appliance market for stylistic and fashion-related issues; there are usually seasons in which rounded shapes are preferred, and others that point to angular edges.

The headquarters of United States Department of Defense receives the name of Pentagon by the shape of its main building. It is located in the arlington county, on Virginia, and has five floors.

The building of the Pentagon was built between 1941 Y 1943. Some of them currently work there 23,000 people, between civilians and the military. Thanks to your particular design, it is possible to cover the distance between any two points in the building in less than ten minutes.

It is worth mentioning that different myths and mysteries revolve around this building; one of them says that the US government demanded that Google delete the images of the Pentagon that it had captured for use in Google Maps. In the same way, it is rumored that many countries fear that this popular service will reveal the strategic locations of its headquarters and secret centers of investigation.

The September 11 attack

PentagonAfter the disastrous September 11, 2001, the government American made an official statement of his version of events, although many people believe that the truth is very different. For example, it is questioned that such a large plane traveling at a speed of 400 kilometers per hour did not cause major damage. Furthermore, the absence of photos of the remains of the ship gives rise to the possibility of a staging.

All this contrasts with the variety of images and videos that were released from the twin towers, which allowed journalists to analyze the attack carefully and in depth. The government did not authorize the capture of tests of any kind in the case of the Pentagon, but was in charge of spreading your own photos; and it is after scrutinizing them that many began to think that the truth was being hidden.

Among the images released by the Pentagon, various details can already be questioned, inconsistencies that reinforce the idea of ​​a montage. There are those who think that damage real were much higher, and that the government decided to minimize them so as not to show weakness compared to other countries. On the other hand, it is believed that there was no attack on the building and that it was manufactured as part of a strategy to react to the real attack.