In order to know the meaning of the term peg, it is necessary, first of all, to discover its etymological origin. In this case we can determine that it is a word that derives from Latin, specifically from “clavicula”, which can be translated as “tiny key” and that it is a diminutive of “clavis”, “key”.

Plug alludes to conical or cylindrical part that facilitates Connection between two elements.

PlugAlso called dowel, the plug can be made of plastic, wood, or other materials. These objects serve to reinforce a Union or an ensemble.

To use the dowels, the first step is to drill the two elements to be joined. Once this is done, the plug must be inserted, which must be fixed to both holes with nails or glue. In this way the assembly is achieved.

The idea peg, on the other hand, refers to the pieces that are used in certain musical instruments to wind and fix the strings, allowing tuning. The structure that houses the pegs is known as pegbox.

In the guitarsFor example, the headstock is located on the neck, more precisely at the end of the fingerboard. By means of the pegs, which act on a series of screws, the musician can modify the tension of the strings and, therefore, the tuning of the instrument.

By extension to this type of Actions, the expression is often used “Adjust the pegs” or “Tighten the pegs” to refer to what a person does when adopting a strict and rigorous attitude with another individual: “I’m going to tighten the pegs on Andrés because I feel like he’s not trying too hard”, “The boss adjusted the pegs to Carmen so that she works more”.

The parts that allow a telephone set to be connected to a net and those that serve to establish an electrical connection are also called pins.

When choosing a plug to connect a device to the electrical current, it is necessary to take into account a number of important aspects. We are referring, above all, to elements like these:
-The cable outlet. In this case, it can be lateral, frontal, rotating or frontal-lateral.
-The maximum power that the device in question can reach, which is measured in amps.
-The place where it is going to be used, since it may happen that it is in a corner or in a small space.

In the same way, be aware that there are special pins that can be very useful at different times and for specific circumstances. We are referring to:
-Those that have a handle, which comes to facilitate in a forceful way what is the disconnection. In addition, they advocate keeping the plug itself in perfect condition for a longer time.
-Those with reduced dimensions. They are the ones that can be used in really small spaces.
-Those that have a switch. Of these plugs it should be noted not only that they allow saving on light but also that they avoid having to be removing them from the electrical current all the time. Simply to turn them on or off you have to press the aforementioned switch.