Peanut It is a word of Taino origin, an Arawak language spoken by aborigines who were settled in the Caribbean area when Europeans arrived on the American continent. Also know as peanut or peanut, the peanut is a plant appreciated above all for its edible seeds.

Scientific name Arachis hypogaea, This plant species has a creeping stem, yellowish flowers and lobed leaves. It is an annual herb whose sowing takes place in late spring.

Fruit of the Arachis hypogaea

Peanuts are a very popular snack or appetizer.

A valued food

The peanut fruit, arranged in pods, it has a shell with a thickness of between 0.5 and 1 millimeter. Although it is usually considered as a dried fruit, actually it is a legume.

Inside it can contain two, three or four seeds with a high oil content. These seeds are eaten fried or roasted, either with or without the shell.

In many countries roasted or fried peanuts are eaten as appetizer or snack. It is also frequent its preparation as caramelised, Covered syrup. Also with peanuts are made pralines, nougat and various sweet and candies.

While there are people who can suffer allergies to some of the components, peanuts have high amounts of vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants, which helps improve heart health, reduces bad cholesterol and contributes to the regulation of blood pressure.

Peanut butter

Peanut butter bread.

Oil and peanut butter

The peanut oil is obtained from pressing Or the cooking from the seeds of the plant. It is used in wok recipes, to season salads or to fry.

Gastronomy is not the only destination for peanut oil. This product is also used as fuel in diesel engines and to make soap.

The butter or peanut butter, on the other hand, is a pasta which, in addition to roasted and ground peanuts, usually includes different flavorings. Many times it is mixed with vanilla or chocolate, for example.

Use of the shell

Although generally the peanut shell it is discarded, it is important to mention that it is possible to reuse it in different ways. One of its uses is in the cattle raising, where it is mixed with the food that is supplied to the animals.

A boiler, meanwhile, can be fed with peanut shells as a fuel. The peanut shell is even used for the manufacture of chipboard panels, combining with wood.

Peanut pests

The peanut crops may suffer from the actions of different pests. The larvae of certain beetles (known as blind chickens), the spider mite and different types of worms affect the plant.

Peanuts can also get a fungal infection such as Aspergillus parasiticus and the Aspergillus flavus. These organisms are in a position to cause contamination of peanut seeds with aflatoxins, which are highly toxic mycotoxins. Exposure to a high level of aflatoxin can cause severe liver damage, from cirrhosis to Cancer.

The watch out Therefore, it is essential for the subsistence of peanuts and to enable their commercial exploitation. There are multiple alternatives to prevent and combat the aforementioned pests.