PasserbyPasserby, which derives from the Latin word transiens, it’s a adjective that allows to qualify who you are passing through a site. A passerby, therefore, is someone who passes through a certain area.

The notion of passerby, in this framework, is often used as a synonym for pedestrian or passerby: a person walking on a public road. For instance: “I am bothered by motorists who do not respect passersby”, “The motorcyclist lost control of his vehicle and ended up ramming a passerby”, “Passers-by must also respect the indications of the traffic lights”.

One of the obvious characteristics of the pedestrian but necessary for the organization of the public road is that he is not a driver, that is to say that he does not move using a car but rather foot. This opens the doors to a wide range of possibilities, particularly if we include older people, young children, those who carry their babies in strollers, and any individual with a physical disability that prevents them from walking around in the equation. his own means and that, therefore, he needs the help of crutches or a chair wheels, for example.

All these people, and those who are not included in the list, need the Government to guarantee their security. They must be able to move freely on the street, knowing that if they respect the rules, the presence of motorized vehicles will not put their physical integrity at risk and that their particular needs will also be taken into account when designing public spaces.

Pedestrians with reduced mobility need ramps and other resources to get on and off the sidewalks with ease. It is also mandatory to adapt the traffic lights so that blind people can cross the streets safely: for this there are systems sounds that represent lights with different beep patterns.

PasserbySidewalks should also have areas where their surface has different ‘grain’ patterns so that blind people can understand if they are near a road when stepping on them. obstacle, on the edge of the train tracks, on the verge of reaching the curb or a ladder, among other issues that could cause accidents if they were not warned of their presence. It’s about the podotactile surfaces, also known as surveillance vigil bands.

Although it may seem like a no-brainer, when people are in a public space Closed, like being a shopping center, there is no talk of “passers-by”, since they all fall into this category without exception.

Another use of passerby refers to one who lacks fixed residence. Passersby, in this sense, are nomads, since they only settle in a space temporarily and then go elsewhere. The concept can also be linked to the subject that not set in a space, but is only visiting or passing through: “In the summer traffic accidents multiply due to the pedestrian population that comes to the town to enjoy the beach”, “For many years, these mountains received passerby peoples who stayed a few months and then continued their march”, “My home is the world, I am a passerby”.

In the field of philosophy, what is produced by an agent and its effect is mentioned as a passerby ends out of it. According to their characteristics, actions can be transient or immanent. The passerby action implies that its effect affects a different agent; the immanent action, on the other hand, that the effect remains in the individual himself.