It is called padded to the act and result of quilting. East verb (quilt) has two uses: it can consist of covering or wrapping something to protect it from cold or impacts; or in placing tow, wool, cotton or other similar material between two fabrics.

PaddedA padded It can be a coating which is used to reinforce the lines of certain dikes. In this case, the padding has a layer of reed or straw that is braided with ropes, as detailed in the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) in your dictionary.

In some countries South Americans, it is called padding to quilt. The quilts or quilts are covers (a warm covering that is used in bed) that are usually filled with cotton or down.

Therefore a padding has a sheath and a stuffed. Can be used as bedspreads me blanket, being useful especially in times of temperatures low.

The origins of the padding are found in the rural area of ​​the European continent. The peasants resorted to duck feathers to make blankets with which they wrapped themselves in winter when lying down or sleeping.

Quilting often replaces sheets and bedspreads as covers. In those cases, its use simplifies the process of making the bed. However, the duvet can also be included with other covers.

It is possible to find quilts with different designs, styles and patterns. The children’s padding, for example, they often count drawings of animals, superheroes, spaceships or toys. The measurements of the padding, on the other hand, vary since the beds have different dimensions.