OgreOgre is a notion that comes from French ogre and that refers to a being mythological, similar in appearance to human being. The ogre tradition was forged in various cultures Northern Europe.

In the short stories of the writer Robert E. Howard, famous especially for “Solomon kane” and “Conan the barbarian«, The possibility is explored that the myth of the ogres was born from the sighting of Neanderthals that had survived longer than expected.

Ogres were generally described as creatures of great bearing and brutal behavior. It has been written that ogres abducted children and ate them. Despite their dangerousness, they were considered beings of little intelligence, which allowed them to be defeated with relative ease.

Tradition indicates that ogres kidnap princesses and take them to places that are difficult to access, such as their castles or caves. In recent years, however, other models of ogres began to be proposed, far from the classical vision.

The most representative ogre of the new times is Shrek, which first appeared in a children’s book by 1990 and came to the cinema in 2001. This creature She is sullen and moody, but she has good feelings. Thus, he turns away from the evil and bloodthirsty ogres of old.

Other of the most important ogres of the fiction current are in:

Ogre* the Digimon cartoon series, where they are referenced very often and there is a character named Ogremon;

* the book “A spell for chameleon»(«A Spell For Chameleon«), By the English writer Piers Anthony, where the ogre is a very strong and low intelligence beast that inhabits the Land of Xanth and communicates through rhymes;

* the books of Dragonlance, a series of novels written by Tracy Hickman and Margaret Weis, among other authors, belonging to the epic fantasy genre, which describe ogres as humanoid beings who work for the gods of darkness and are very cruel;

* «The Spiderwick Chronicles«, A series of children’s books by Holly Black and Tony DiTerlizzi, where the ogre figure has such an important role that it has become the main antagonist of one of them;

* «Warcraft«, One of the sagas of video game Most important in the world. Warcraft ogres are large humanoids, generally very large, and may have one or two heads. In Draenor, one of the worlds of this universe, are the orcs, their close relatives and with whom they often ally.

In the city of Bern, the capital of Switzerland, you will find one of the creepiest sculptures in the world: an ogre holding three children with one arm while mercilessly devouring another. It is located in the center of a source heavily photographed, though not so easy for tourists to find. Its construction took place in 1546, which makes it one of the oldest fountains in the city. There are various theories about its meaning; one of them tells that it represents the older brother of the founder of Bern, who, faced with a fit of jealousy over the latter’s fortune, kidnapped and ate dozens of Bernese.

It is possible to use the notion of ogre symbolically, based on its traditional meaning. In this way, the human being who has problems socializing or joining social groups, or that exhibits behaviors that are far from the customs and norms accepted by the community. For instance: “My boss is an ogre, he’s always in a bad mood”, “Could you chew with your mouth closed? You look like an ogre “, “I thought the math teacher was an ogre, although over time I began to love him”.