The first thing to do in order to understand the meaning of the term octet is to establish its etymological origin. In this sense, it must be stated that it derives from the Italian “otteto” which, in turn, comes from Latin. More exactly it comes from the word “octo”, which can be translated as “eight”.

It is known as octet to musical creation intended to be interpreted by eight singers or by eight instruments of music. The concept is also used to name the grouping of the eight voices or instruments.

OctetFor instance: “An octet of strings surprised audiences with their versions of pop and rock classics”, “I’ve never heard this song performed by an octet of trumpets”, “The vocal octet of the church managed to move me”.

Octet can also refer, in a broader sense, to a set of eight individuals or objects, beyond the particular characteristics of these: “The club’s board of directors is made up of an octet of young enthusiasts who promote the most innovative measures”, “This tournament brings together the octet of the most outstanding tennis players of the season”, “The coach has one octet as a base, while the other positions of the starting lineup are not defined”.

We cannot ignore that within the scientific field the term octet is also used. In this case, it is used to shape what is known as the “octet rule.” This was created and raised in 1916 by the American physicochemist Gilbert N. Lewis, who has gone down in history for that theory, referring to atoms.

Specifically, the rule establishes that the ions of the elements that shape the periodic table what they do is follow a clear trend: complete their energy levels with a total of eight ions that are identified by the fact that they have a negative charge. .

In the field of computing, the notion of octet refers to a grouping of eight bits. The term is often confused with byte which, in reality, refers to a string of bits. Because the most popular architecture is one that uses eight-bit microprocessors, byte began to be used as a synonym for octet.

The octet symbol is or, although this notation is not recognized by the International System of Units. The prefixes of this system are used, which allows to speak of kilobyte or ko (thousand octets), gigabyte or go (billion octets), etc.

In the same way, it should be noted that “Octet” is also a very useful tool that both students and professors at the Jaume I University of Castellón have at their disposal. It is a multimedia channel full of publications, links and news related to information and communication technologies applied to the education sector.

“Octeto” was launched in 2001, is managed by the “Center d´Educació i Noves Tecnologies” of the aforementioned university and has reports and all kinds of files related to subjects such as 2.0 technologies or learning analytics.