ObfuscationObfuscation It is a concept that comes from the Latin word offuscatĭo and that, generally, refers to the anger or shock who experiences a person faced with a certain situation. The term is synonymous with daze.

Some examples where the term is used: “The obfuscation of the public became notorious when the presenter announced that the function would be suspended”, “Prey of obfuscation, the woman began to insult the judge after hearing the sentence”, “When the confusion is over, maybe I’ll call Martín to ask him what happened”.

Obfuscation is also the name given to a vision disorder that is produced by something that hinders the vision, like smoke or a reflection.

Also the concept is used in the slang of the vampire universe to refer to a power that allows the Kindred to hide from the eyes of their enemies. It is said that thanks to this ability they manage to go unnoticed in the midst of crowds and protect themselves. However, enemies can also have a power through which they can see those who are hidden, so the thing is not so simple. This concept often appears in movies and books that are based or set in the vampire universe.

The concept in computer language

Obfuscation, on the other hand, can be something that conceals a thought or a message, making it difficult to understand. This meaning is frequent in the field of computing, with reference to a modification that is developed on the source code from some software to make it more difficult to read.

When looking for the obfuscation of a code, the goal is to make it difficult for engineers to interpret it. That is why it is difficult to access the original code after an obfuscation process.

ObfuscationThere are various reasons for deciding to obfuscate a computer program. The most common is the intention to protect your code to prevent someone else from “Steal” and use it on your own, without the corresponding credit to your programmer. For this, the creator usually adds false lines to the code or resort to an encryption system that allows him to encapsulate all his work so that no one can understand it. In the era of piracy and duplicates on the Internet, it is essential that creators look for new alternatives to protect their work and prevent others from using it for their benefit without their knowledge; obfuscation is an excellent alternative for this.

After your code has been exposed to obfuscation, anyone who tries to read it will be handicapped, as they will come across a convoluted and unreadable code. That is why it will be difficult for him to plagiarize the software in question. Obfuscation is also used by criminals who hide malicious applications in code. So much so that many viruses are able to enter our computers without problem thanks to their ability to go unnoticed. The creators, in this case, use obfuscation to put harmful codes that affect the device on which they are downloaded.

It is important to clarify that, as with other protection techniques, obfuscation must be done carefully and always making a backup (backup of everything worked so far) of the code because if there is any problem that prevents the code from returning source, it may have been intelligible even to the creator himself.