NotificationNotification is the action and effect of notifying (a verb that comes from Latin and that means to formally communicate a resolution or give a News with certain purpose).

The concept is also used to name the document in which the resolution communicated is recorded. For instance: “I just received a notification from the company, in which they announced a cut in wages”, “I never received the notification of the service cut”, “Upon reading the notification that was on the table, Luisa burst into tears”.

The notion of notification, therefore, is linked to a communication or a notice. When sending a notification, a company, a organization or one person It intends to establish a certain resolution that has been or will be taken in the future. The action by which you claim to have received a notification is known as acknowledge receipt.

A Judicial notice, on the other hand, it is an act of communication of a court or tribunal. This document must be delivered to the person or published through an edict so that the recipient knows the place, date and time when he must appear to give a statement or intervene in a judicial case.

In the field of computing, the notifications appear related to alerts issued by certain programs or services to warn the user of something: “A notification from Microsoft reminded me to register my copy of Windows”, “Be careful with that page: a notification has appeared warning about a possible virus infection”, “I have not entered this profile for a long time: I have five notifications from people who wanted to add me as a contact”.

NotificationElectronic notifications exceed the limits of personal computers, as currently various devicesNotifications such as mobile phones, video game consoles, and tablet PCs use notifications to keep their users up to date on a diverse range of issues. For example, email management applications can send notifications to the device to inform the customer that they have new messages in their inbox.

Similarly, companies Developers take advantage of the notification systems offered by these devices to get users to news about future releases, or from Discounts and promotions all types. It is a new way of advertising, since it reaches the customer directly and, in most cases, it adapts to their tastes and needs, since it uses their personal information to choose which messages to send them.

The weak point of notifications is that depend on a persistent internet connection to arrive at the right time; otherwise, they lose validity and the impact that they generate is much less or, in some cases, negligible. For example, if a user who only connects his device to the Internet occasionally receives a notification about a firmware update after it has already been done, that information becomes outdated and becomes a nuisance, since it takes up space unnecessarily.

It is known by the name of notification of inappropriate content to complaint that any user can issue to a company when they come across a text, video or audio recording that contains offensive messages, to request their removal. This is very useful for companies like Google, which have a large number of self-publishing services, such as YouTube and Blogger, which receive content from millions of users every day, and it is humanly impossible to review each document before giving the check. well, unless customers were willing to wait months before seeing your creations online.

Among the most common reasons for reporting inappropriate content are racism, mistreatment of any living thing, homophobia, and misleading advertising.