The concept of bulletin, a diminutive of ticket, has several uses. With etymological origin in the Italian word bollettino, the term may refer to a publication dedicated to the dissemination of historical, scientific or other topics.

BulletinThese newsletters are usually published by institutions or corporations. The Argentine Astronomy Association (AAA), for example, publishes a newsletter to publicize the jobs that are presented at their annual meetings. This entity was founded in 1958 and since then he has been in charge of publishing his own newsletter.

The World Health Organization (who) also has a newsletter. This document is considered among the most prestigious in the world in terms of public health.

In addition, the bulletin is called newspaper used for the dissemination of official provisions. The Official State Gazette, to mention one of these instruments, is the official newspaper of Spain. Provisions are published in it, decrees, laws, etc. Another newsletter of this type is the Official Gazette of the Argentine Republic.

A news bulletin or newsletterMeanwhile, it is a periodical publication that usually focuses on a particular topic. Currently these newsletters, also known as newsletters, are usually distributed through the email. Subscribers thus receive the contents in their email account.

Finally, the bulletin is called notebook where the ratings that a student gets. The usual thing is that, in primary and secondary education, the educational establishment gives it to the student, who must have it signed by their parents.