A mouse it’s a animal that belongs to the group of mammals. It’s about a rodent It is about eight inches tall and is characterized by its gray hair and its long tail.

MouseThe mouse is very much like the rat, another rodent. Both species are part of the same subfamily and the same family. Rats, however, are included within the genus Rattus, while mice belong to the genus Mus.

One of the main differences between mice and rats is that mice They are smaller And they had a lower weight. This does not prevent, however, that both species are often confused or that the persons use the two terms synonymously.

Like rats, mice can live in an urban environment (even entering houses) or in rural areas. Due to their fertility and their gnawing habit, they can damage structures and crops, something that makes them usually considered as a plague.

Literature, tradition and cinema have left us famous mice that have become part of our cultural heritage, such as these:
-Perez mouse. This, also called Ratoncito Pérez, is a legendary character who is considered to be in charge of giving children a gift when a tooth falls out. Thus, the little ones must place the fallen tooth under the pillow before going to sleep, so that, in this way, while they sleep, the singular animal takes that one away and leaves them some trinkets, a story or some coins.
-Geronimo Stilton. This is a nice journalist mouse who has become the protagonist of the children’s literary saga created by the Italian writer Elisabetta Dami.
-Mickey Mouse. Unquestionably the best-known mouse in the world is this, a key figure in the Disney factory, which was created in 1928.

In the computing, the mouse (also known by its English name: mouse) is a peripheral that connects a computer (computer) to move the cursor that the user observes on the screen. Through this mouse-guided cursor, it is possible to order various instructions to the system: open a computer program, select a word in a word processor, enter a link in a web browser, etc.

Mouse is also used in some countries to name an individual who is mean or mean: “Don’t be a mouse and buy Vanina a gift for her birthday”.

It should also be noted that in some countries the term mouse is used colloquially with another meaning. Thus, for example, it is common in Venezuela that it is used as a synonym for hangover or that in Costa Rica it also serves to refer to what the biceps is. All this without overlooking that in Uruguay it is used, in the same way, as conceit.

Then there is the expression “bookworm.” This is used to refer to a person who is very intelligent, who enjoys learning and who spends much of his day between books, whether reading, studying or even researching.