The etymological origin of the term model that we are now going to address, we have to establish that it is found in Italian. Exactly it derives from “macchietta”, which can be translated as “spot” and which, in turn, emanates from the Latin “macula”, which is synonymous with “stain”.

It is also interesting to know that painters used the term “macchietta” centuries ago to refer to a sketch of small dimensions that they made of the larger work they had in hand.

The first meaning of the term mentioned by the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) in his dictionary alludes to model that represents a building, a vehicle, an object or a city to reduced scale.

Other words that can act as synonyms for model are plan, sketch, prototype, sketch, sample and even miniature.

ModelIt is, therefore, a montage that aims to exhibit the volumetry, the functionality waves properties in general of what it symbolizes. Many times the model constitutes the previous step to the start-up of an innovation or a development.

Mockups can have multiple purposes. They are generally created to show, on a small scale, what is intended to be done in the real world. With a mockup of a constructionTo cite one case, the visualization of the qualities that the work will have once it is finished is facilitated.

The playful models, meanwhile, constitute a hobby. The model maker (the guy who makes the models) finds it fun to build these items, while there are people who enjoy collecting them.

In the same way, we cannot ignore that there are also those who have a hobby of building model kits. These are usually from means of transport such as airplanes, cars, motorcycles, boats, military vehicles and even trains.

Making a model requires patience, neatness, and good fine motor skills. It is also advisable to have certain skills for the assembly and decoration of the parts.

In addition to all that is indicated, we cannot ignore the existence of what is known as school models. With this term, mention is made of the manual works that are sent to students so that they learn different knowledge. Thus, they can make models of the different Roman architectural orders, of electrical circuits …

In the field of music, a demo is a recording that is developed as a test. Known in English as demoThis kind of model aims to show or disseminate the artist’s talent based on one or more themes.

As a general rule, people who want to have a professional career in the world of music, what they do is record demos with their own compositions or making versions of others already known. Models that are then delivered to different production companies and record companies to make their work and voice known.

Mockup, finally, is the model of a book about to be published. This model is used as a support when defining the characteristics that the work in question will have.