In Italian is where we can establish that the etymological origin of the term millionaire is found. And it is that it derives from “milione” which, in turn, emanates from the Latin “mile”.

The adjective millionaire It is used to qualify who has, at least, one million currency units (dollars, euros, etc.). Also used as a noun, the term refers to someone with a big wealth.

MillionaireFor example: “The telephone company was bought by a Chinese millionaire who, in this way, landed in the Latin American market”, “At just 19 years of age, the young footballer became a millionaire thanks to the contract he signed with the Spanish club”, “I don’t pretend to be a millionaire, but I would like to have more money to indulge myself”.

Wealthy, rich, wealthy, opulent, powerful or crooked are some of the words that can work as a synonym for millionaire. On the contrary, among its antonyms we come across terms such as poor or indigent.

The millionaire can save his wealth in different ways. It usually doesn’t just store a lot money in cash, but also has bank accounts, Actions Y goods What estate Y automobiles.

Millionaires with the highest number of bank accounts include such figures as Jeff Bezos, owner of Amazon; Bill Gates, one of the creators of Microsoft; Bernard Arnault, who is one of the leading businessmen in the luxury goods sector; and Mark Zuckerberg, owner of the Facebook group.

However, on that list of the richest millionaires are the Spanish businessman Amancio Ortega, the owner of the Clippers Steve Ballmer or the co-founder of Oracle Larry Ellison.

Typically, the millionaire leads a comfortable life and is in a good social position. His economic situation allows him not to have labor or material worries, for which he can dedicate a lot weather to travel and leisure.

There are, however, some exceptions. When the inflation is very high or there is even a hyperinflation, money is depreciated and therefore the millionaire can be poor. Suppose that, in a certain country and at a particular historical moment, a person needs three million pesos a month to cover basic needs and avoid falling into poverty. In this framework, anyone who has a million pesos in the bank is a millionaire, although that figure is not even enough to cover the basic expenses of a month.

In addition, it should not be overlooked that one of the most significant and successful television contests in Spain in history bears the term we are dealing with in its title. We are referring to ‘Who wants to be a millionaire?’ This has been broadcast in different seasons since 1999 and its most recognized presenter was Carlos Sobera.

The contestants who came to him had to answer questions on different topics to which they were given four possible solutions. The objective was to arrive at the last question, which, if correct, would allow us to win 50 million pesetas.