MilestoneFrom Latin fictus, the term milestone it has different uses. It used to be used as a synonym for fixed, constant or unchanging, and also to refer to that righ now, although these meanings fell into disuse. Other meanings that are no longer common are linked to the black horse that has no spots and the person annoying when claiming something.

Hito, at present, is used to refer to the permanent sign that allows to indicate a direction, a geographical location or a certain distance. It is usually about sculptures or markings of various materials. The Milestone Three Borders, for example, it is an obelisk located where the rivers converge Iguazu Y Parana that marks the boundary between Argentina, Brazil Y Paraguay. The Landmark to the Tropic of CapricornOn the other hand, it is a large sculpture that is located almost 30 kilometers from the town of Antofagasta, in Chilean territory.

The term is also used to refer to a type of traffic signs that serve to indicate the distance between the beginning and the end of a road so that they guide travelers. This kind of signaling is called kilometer milestone and is divided into two groups: cairn (It is a stone that is placed at the beginning and end of a road or railroad, which also serves to delimit territories on farms) or kilometer milestone itself (it is a metal sign that usually has the name of the road and the section it runs on and is placed at the beginning of a road). It is worth mentioning that when the milestone is marked by numbers multiples of 10 it is called myriametric milestone and if it’s marked in miles, milestone milestone.

On USA, is known as national historic landmark to a construction, place or thing that the North American authorities recognize for its value historical. When deciding this valuation, those places that have been really decisive for national history are considered – whether important events have occurred there, or if some relevant person has lived at the national level -, the spaces where the ideals that they forged the Nation or that symbolize the lifestyle of the citizens of the entire country and those archaeological sites that contain valuable information that can be used to understand the history of the country.

A milestone is, on the other hand, an action, an event or a subject that is essential in a certain context, that is, it marks a before and after. For example: “Del Potro’s triumph over Federer is a milestone in the history of Argentine tennis”, “The Woodstock festival was a milestone in North American rock that marked an entire generation”.

MilestoneIn this same sense of the term, the development milestones of the human baby, where the process of psychomotor growth, from the time a child is born until it reaches childhood. Some of the most important milestones in the baby’s developmental stage are: gaze fixation, head control, muscle strength, use of hands and fingers, and use of sound organs to begin communication.

A small nail that lacks a head and a entertainment in which you have to nail said object to throw yews at it, are other meanings of the word milestone.

Finally, the term can also refer to an element of beaconing (to attract the attention of citizens and prevent accidents on a construction site, for example), called a milestone. vertex. It is formed by two opposite isosceles triangles and contained in a semi-cylindrical device where the two opposite vertices indicate the divergent directions in which it can circulate.