The notion of pad it derivates from mattress. Mattress is a word that has a French etymological origin, specifically derived from “couche”. The term is used to name a thin and elongated mattress, which can be used for physical activity or for placing on a seat.

PadFor instance: “Today I was doing sit-ups on a mat for half an hour”, “I’m going to find a mat for the bench so you’re more comfortable”, “The evacuated people had to sleep on the mats that were distributed on the gym floor”.

At a general level, it can be said that a mattress is a lower mattress than the traditional ones; that is, lower height. By using less filling material, they are inexpensive, but they are also less comfortable.

It is common for mats to be used in temporary shelters. If a natural disaster forces many to evacuate persons In their homes, mats can be placed in some covered space (a school, a gymnasium, etc.) for these individuals to sleep until they can return to their homes.

Mats are also used in campsites, youth hostels and other informal hotel establishments. This is because they are appropriate for trundle beds and for the bunks or bunk beds. When the structure of the bed it is very small, it may not have space for a conventional mattress.

The small mattress and mat used to develop gymnastics exercises are other elements that, in several countries, are called a mat.

When buying the best fitness mat, it is necessary to proceed to take into account a series of aspects. Specifically, it is essential to know that there are two clearly differentiated types:
-The folding gymnastics mats, which have the great advantage that they can be carried more comfortably from one place to another and in a simple way. They can have handles to facilitate that transport. They are usually 180 centimeters long and 30 centimeters wide.
-The thick gym mats. They are preferred by those who seek, above all, what is comfort when lying on them and performing different exercises. They are very soft and, in addition, they usually have a higher weight than other models since they can be up to one kilo.

In recent times, among the most popular mats are those used to practice Yoga or Pilates. These have to be soft and very comfortable since it is necessary for the person to find the necessary comfort to be able to maintain the complex postures that are carried out where they have to support their hands, elbows and feet.

In the same way, the existence of the so-called beach or pool mats should not be overlooked. They are inflatable, float on the water and allow you to lie on them enjoying the tranquility of the water while sunbathing in a placid way.